Who Am I?


I'm a PhD student at the NUMA research group of the KU Leuven's Department of Computer Science. I work on "Numerical methods and software for periodic infinite-dimensional systems" under the supervision of prof. dr. ir. Wim Michiels (you can read the project description here).

Outside of my research I have an interests in generative art, photography, typography, and free and open source software.

Scientific Interests

I'm currently most interested in applied mathematics and numerical analysis, especially complex dynamical systems, time-delay systems, (non)linear dynamics, and approximation theory. Other topics that get me excited are chaos, fluid dynamics, complexity and computability theory, automated theorem proving, and logic. In general anything to do with mathematics and/or theoretical computer science will catch my attention.

Apart from these topics, I also have a general interest in purer mathematics and physics. I'm also always amazed by the discoveries in other fields such as linguistics, biology, psychology, medicine... All have important results which we use daily to better the world.

Domain Colouring

Somewhat loosely related to my scientific activities I also ended up getting somewhat obsessed with domain colouring, a style of complex plots. This resulted in the development of the Julia package DomainColoring.jl. Alternatively, an older Octave/Matlab version can be found here.

Of note in the method used in these packages is the use of an analytical sweep through CIE L*a*b* space, resulting in far fewer artefacts and false representations than the usual HSV hue sweep.


If you want to know more, you can always contact me via my email address, which you can find on the KU Leuven who's who pages.